Monday, August 08, 2005

O'Reilly Claims Left Is Collapsing

Bill O'Reilly announced during his Talking Points that he is thrilled because the Left in this country is losing power and about to collapse. O'Reilly proclaimed that Karma is wonderful and now all the vicious character assassins on the left are getting what they deserve.

The announcement that America Coming Together is shutting down partly fueled O'Reilly's prediction. ACT was started to promote John Kerry and get out the vote in 2004 and recieved substatial backing from George Soros. O'Reilly said Soros backed internet smear sites acting as if this closing of ACT indicated a failure for Soros. However, Act was created primarily for the election and it is really no surprise that it would close.

O'Reilly then claimed that Air America is tanking and going down because of a dubious loan but giving no details. In fact, Air America is doing incredibly well in many states especially Florida and Colorado adding several new stations there recently.It is not tanking. O'Reilly told Ellis Hennican that people don't want to hear Bush bashing all day and are bored. (Guess liberal bashing all day on his show isn't boring)

Bill declared that there has never been a successful TV show with a personality from the left. Then he remembered Alan Colmes adding that he is with Hannity which explains his success. (Of course, he failed to mention that Phil Donahue's show on MSNBC had stellar ratings but was cancelled because of his anti war stance.)

BOR maintained that it was the Far Left that was going under which he said made up 10% of the Left. While he an Hennican talked about the failure of Left-Wing organizations and the need to build them slowly, there was no mention of MoveOn the ultimate success story and proof of the growing movement.

comment: Bill O'Reilly discussing karmic retribution for the Left is an all time eye popper. Perhaps this obvious attack of paranoia from O'Reilly is related to some karmic crisis he's experiencing himself. I also hope he and Alan Colmes don't have too much personal contact at FNC because that was a very nasty comment to make about a co-worker. Another karmic demerit for Bill.


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